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At Carpet Plus of America, we strive to protect our landfills from overflowing by ensuring that all flooring and carpeting is disposed of correctly. Give us a call today to learn more about our carpet recycling program.

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If you ask anyone that works in trash management, they will tell you that carpet and landfills simply do not mix. Aside from the amount of room it can take up, carpet and padding decompose at a much slower rate than normal trash. At Carpet Plus of America, our goal is to effectively recycle and reuse old carpet waste.

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At Carpet Plus of America, we believe in recycling and reusing old carpet waste. We offer a full range of solutions when it comes to the disposal and removal of your carpet. Contact us today to learn more.

At Carpet Plus of America, we care about recycling and protecting the environment.

All carpet contains materials that can be reused and efficiently recycled. At Carpet Plus of America, we have devised a solution that ensures absolutely no carpet is sent to a landfill, and is instead recycled.

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At Carpet Plus of America, we have created a process that ensures no carpet we encounter during our removal jobs is sent to a landfill. All carpet is transported to our facility, where it is then picked up by Carpet Solutions. Carpet Solutions ensures that 100% of all of our products are reused and recycled.

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